Friday, April 08, 2005

It Just IS!

I was just out on my land with my Darius dog. We had just crested thetop of a hill, at the back of the "Big Loop" path where we walk daily,and Darius, my dog, stopped dead in his tracks.

I looked where he was looking and I heard movement and then there wasa four-legged. Not a deer, and more like Darius' medium size. I thinkit was a mama fox. She saw us and turned and I saw her beautiful tailand then...she turned again and I didn't see the tail- I think she was scared and her tail was 'tween her legs...Sorry, Mama Fox. I think maybe she has a den of kits and she could have been trying to lead us away from her den up further toward the back line of the land.

We didn't follow, but continued down the slope of that path to the bottom where it turns to the left and heads back out to the field. As I rounded the turn, I was hit full-on in the face by the brilliant light of the Sun shining down through the open space between the trees lining the path where the snowmelt-moistened layers of leaves (from Autumns Past) on the ground were reflecting this brilliance and making the path appear to be paved with sparkling jewels.

My eyes welled up, maybe in part, because of the bright sun shining in my eyes, yes, but also because it sure looked to me, like the Path to some Heavenly, Divine Paradise. It looked so Holy. I felt such Peace.

I realized that this planet is STILL Paradise. This thought made me wonder if the negative patterns in which humans are stuck: the tragedy, the war, the seeming endless parade of blatant hypocrisies, the thoughtless wanton rape of our environment for profit, the wasteful and pointless loss of lives, the false righteousness, ALL of it- was maybe just a shadow Reality in which we've gotten deeply and almost irretrievably mired.

It was hard to reconcile the horror and even some rage I have been feeling about politics and war and plundering the environment, devaluation of children and women and all life... to this VERY strong, VERY opposite and very, VERY beautiful Reality through which I was seeing, walking and in which I am living. So rather than wrestle with it, I just accepted that it simply IS and let go. I am not denying that things are bad and worse, but I am not going to deny, either, that there's still beauty and peace to be experienced. I choose to humbly and gratefully experience it.

I really love the wonderful way that all life moves and lives out there on the land. I love that I feel so strongly a part of it, and the planet and all Her Life. I love that I can totally trust the seasons (for now, I am still optimistic about Earth's healing ability) as, in turn, they unfold and invite me to feast my soul on the sustenance oftheir truths.

And I realized that there is already Peace on Earth, if I want to seeit and be it. It just IS.


At 4:03 AM, Blogger Funky Mariama said...

I just love reading your blog, it always brings me peace in some form or another!

I am in awe of your ability to just accept the Earth peace and life "as is". I don't know whether it's human nature or just *my* nature to feel like, "Dammit, this needs change NOW!" and subsequently get worked up out the things that I have no control over, but it is so difficult to have so much trust in our Earth, in ourselves, in humanity when things in our environment seem to be going so, so wrong. It's so admirable that you have that amount of trust and belief!


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