Friday, March 17, 2006

My 76 year old Mother will stand with me against the war tomorrow!

I am so proud and looking SO forward to standing with her at a protest on the third anniversary of the Iraq Invasion. Of course my husband will be there's a local thing.

I am very sad that there IS a third anniversary of this war...makes my heart very heavy indeed. We'll stand together in memory of Seth Dvorin, our relative, who died in Iraq two years ago last month.

It's going to be cold tomorrow morning, so I warned Mom she should wear her long johns maybe, so she's not cold. She is fully aware that there will likely be those who feel compelled to insult and challenge us, but, she feels that if the anti-abortion folks can stand with their gross signs and call that murder, then she can stand against the war, which IS murder. (She recently challenged those abortion protestors about their stances on the war- she was in a mood that day)

She went to a mall yesterday and got in a big conversation with a clerk in a bookstore about Bush being SO bad for this country...very interesting. The bookstore clerk vowed to help her own nephews avoid a draft, should it ever come that in this country and my mom said that she would help make sure that her grandchildren- my kids- would avoid it too.


I know, I know everybody feels certain that there can be NO draft ever again- but that is not the point of what I am telling you!

Point is, that my mother has become an activist!! I am SO proud of her!

...and I thought, that even though we may feel outrage-weary, that there is a whole other wave of anger building... in our senior citizens...and we can use their energy- ironic ain't it?


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