Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Summer Solstice Thoughts 2005

My late Father-in-law , Van, (may he rest well) was a teacher and scientist (Chem Prof Emeritus when he retired). He would come and stay at the cabin he built on the River each Summer.

He used to make me SO mad!!! Here we are in the North Country where it is SUCH a long Winter, and as soon as there was any difference in minutes of daylight AFTER the Summer Solstice he would announce how many less minutes of light there were, reminding me that we were heading back toward the other Solstice.

I would do a slow boil. His obsession with precision about this really irritated me. (this was many years ago...) Well, now of course each Summer Solstice since he passed, I WISH I could hear him say it again- but of course, except for the memory of it in my heart, I can't. Ironic.

However, that memory reminds me that there is profoundly special power and magic and energy in each and every season, each and every Full and New Moon, each and every day. There's something to be honored and cherished even as the virile Sun King begins to mature and age, and move toward his inevitable demise. Even the Longest Night to come, has something for us to discover and cherish and carry with us to the next Longest Night, and we build, deepen and strengthen our understanding so that throughout the turning of the Wheel, we begin to anticipate each movement of the Turning.

Our celebrations, ceremonies and rituals invite us to joyfully anticipate and participate along with Nature at each next place on The Wheel of the Year in turn, and help us begin to appreciate the wealth of magic and special energy available to us in every season and day. When our anticipation of each cycle of Sun's rise and set elicits excitement, joy and celebration...well, that just means we grew to realize that every day is holy and full of potential and that it is worth making each day a celebration.

As we get older, we even value finding the magic and joy in each hour and moment. Like the Sun King joyfully and knowingly walking toward his own death on the Longest Night, we can choose to shine in the face of approaching Darkness, because we KNOW the darkness can only last just so long, and has to inevitably relinquish its' hold to the Light.

Happy Summer To All,... and Van, I miss you! I am still discovering the ways in which you continue to be a great teacher in my life! Blessed Be!