Saturday, December 02, 2006

The Irresistible Winds of Change

As I was out walking with my dogs this was SO windy...edging up on feeling just a little dangerous.But somehow it felt totally exhilarating and empowering to me, and I could tell that the dogs felt it also- they frisked and played and smelled the wind. I watched the trees bend (there's lots of metaphorical food for thought there, for sure) in the wind.

I felt so grateful for these winds of change- they clearly illustrated the irresistible force that drives everything and every being onward through Change. I realized that if we remained in the limbo between seasons, it would be bad. So this sweeping, swooping wind bringing on the next season fully, complete with racing clouds streaking across the sky and flurry snows carried lightly upon the wind is really clearing away the old and bringing in the new energies of this season of Life.

Didn't someone say that the only constant is change?

I realized that I had the choice to be scared of this wind- which was strong and had a strong voice as it moved through the treetops. But instead I chose to connect with that strength and strong voice.

I chose to think about how it must look from above- the trees must look sort of like the fur on a giant wolf- a sort of tawny mixed color what with the white bark of the birches (my favorite), the medium color tone of the harder woods, and then the darker bark and look of the evergreen firs, pines and spruces. That mix reminds me of my beloved departed wolfmix, Manitou, whose fur was so beautiful.I imagine the winds as fingers of the Four Directions, brushing through the big wolf's fur, bending the hairs down some, as they pass through.

Then I bent down and ran my own fingers through the fur of my surviving vivacious and spry though rather elder female wolfmix, Sassafras whose fur is mostly white with some tan parts.Oh I can't tell you how good I feel this morning. I don't know why, but I do.

Wait!... Maybe I do know why- because "As Above, So Below"! Because with the November elections, the sweeping winds of change came through carrying the strengthened voice of the conviction of We, the People. I am a realist and know that at best, the newly-elected House and Senate Reps will only be able to BEGIN the process of change that we all envision. I also know that this change is as irresistible as the changing of the seasons, as irresistible as process of the rising of the Sun, its movement across the sky and its setting. I know that it is as irresistible as the Moon moving through all her phases.

Nothing lasts forever! Everything that has had a beginning also has an ending...and there is something else beyond, to come.

I truly know that there is a new season that's arriving on these strong winds of change today. It's a new season moving across the land on many levels, and moving through me too, I think. What it brings, I don't know, but I'm happy it's here.

Blessed Be...